Brilliant activations
no one had ever streamed of

Working with an internationally known streamer means that all eyeballs are on you all the time. So whatever work you do for them better raise the bar of their audience, as well as make your brand stand out. Otherwise the vultures and hyenas will circle and rip your efforts, and sometimes the streamer themselves, to ribbons.

Insert our year long partnership with our client Intel and the one and only DrLupo. We orchestrated a turn key partnership for Intel that leaned into the strengths of DrLupo, while solving business problems using our client that stayed authentic to gaming.

This juggernaut of a campaign spanned from the crafting of an epic triple PC battlestation, to sales promotion where one got to play alongside DrLupo, to the big finale: the custom creation of the world’s most badass Mobile Streaming Solution designed and built with Twitch streamers in mind.