Intel Retail—
Don’t Play Games 

Get serious with the best gaming performance.

Intel asked us to help expand their Unleash Your Brilliance campaign to further support the brand’s retail and channel efforts, specifically targeting entry-level gamers and esports fans. With provocative messaging that felt authentic to the target audience, our creative served as a call to action for aspiring gamers to demand more from their total gaming experience.

Creative centered on a call for gamers to demand more from their gaming experience. Our strategy was rooted in knowing that audiences weren’t receptive to brands talking to them but would be receptive to brands talking with them. The imperative “Don’t Play Games” is thus designed to tap into their non-conformist mindset in a playful and unexpected way, challenging them to aspire higher in service of a superior gaming experience.

As the premier Esports Marketing Agency, we made messaging for Intel that provoked their users to demand more within gaming.