Anything you can build, I can build better.

When we were looking to do another round of our PC Build campaign for Intel, we thought that we could top ourselves. Sure it’s fine to bring in well-known gamers and casters and have them build their own PCs as a content series. That works just fine. But what if this time, we supercharge the project by juicing something unpredictable and wild: their chemistry.  

In the most recent version of this project, we brought in three casters who were well known friends and then let the good times fly. As an added twist, instead of having them build their own PCs, we had them build each other's, taking full responsibility for what goes right (and wrong).

The challenge was to play to the strengths of each unique personality and design a full PC system to fit their personal demands. On set we created an esports friendly environment that plays to their banter and bring to life why the community loves them, while highlighting the authentic fun and passion they have for gaming through the lens of gaming hardware.

Additional Videos can be found below: