Intel Gaming—Unleash Your Brilliance

For the launch of Intel®’s 9th Gen Core™ series, we unleashed a global campaign celebrating the power of Intel’s innovative technology to enable gamers at every level to realize their potential. 

This Intel Avatar holding a katana is an example of how our creative team can boost your Esport Marketing with gaming artwork.

Your Inner Self

Hand-crafted to connect with the campaign’s core gaming audience, our original avatar-themed artwork captured the action and flow of gaming at its best. Each unique illustrated character represents a player’s inner passion and brilliance coming to life, all thanks to the advanced power of Intel.

Digital Ad Kit

Our extensive ad kit included mobile assets with animations bringing our illustrated avatars to life and reinforcing the brand’s roots in the gaming world.

We’re able to produce mobile ads that bring our avatars to life and continue to enter the brand’s name in the Esports World.

Live Events

Intel’s strong presence at esports tournaments and events provided an even bigger canvas for our Unleash Your Brilliance campaign. With dedicated booths at Intel Extreme Masters in Chicago, the Tokyo Game Show, and esports gatherings across the globe, the brand had a designated space to connect with fans. Real-time event coverage extended the campaign’s reach to an even wider audience online. 

Knowing the specifics to Esport marketing, we helped Intel’s Unleash Your Brilliance Campaign at live events across the world.