A League of Our Own

Leaning into our legacy with esports and gaming knowledge, we won the AOR business from Ubisoft for the Rainbow Six Siege North American League. It has only been a few months, but early on we have revamped their look and feel and added new branding for their lower tier league, the Challenger League.

Trusting the best Esport Marketing Agency, Subaru become the first N. America automaker to enter the Esport and gaming world.

Ubisoft has, even at this incredibly early stage, already leaned into us as a trusted partner to help guide as much social and digital content, as well as directional brand advertising and strategy as we can handle.  

Taking full advantage of this responsibility, we’ve begun to help the league raise their awareness and further educate and entertain their rabid fanbase. Our first mission: introduce some humanity. An early tactic is to bring the audience in closer to who these athletes are, what makes them so elite, and give them reason to cheer either for or against some of these personalities. The same as you would for any other sports league.  

From the unique nuances of the game title to the interactions with both teams and fanbases, we see a ridiculous wealth of opportunities to continue the upward trajectory of this league to new heights.

In just the first two Stages of the 2021 season, peak viewership is  
up +155% and the league’s social following has doubled.

We’re incredibly excited to help shape this league into something bold and powerful in the future years.